Which country to visit first in Latin America?

Latin America is a region that encompasses countries diversified in gastronomy, culture and natural resources. Discover options to visit paradisiacal beaches, or go on a gastronomic tour.


See which are the best destinations in Latin America and choose according to your interests!  

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How about starting your trip to Bolivia? Source: AdobeStock.

Beach or mountain, city or countryside, there are countless options for traveling in Latin America, but which country to go first? Well, everything will depend entirely on your preferences as a traveler.

However, there are destinations that are the most popular among tourists, bringing history, gastronomy, incredible natural beauties and a lot of culture! In fact, Latin America is a very rich and diverse region.

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That is, a full plate for those who like to travel and discover new destinations. In addition, it also offers cheap options for those who dream of international travel, but don't have a very big budget.

So, if you want to start exploring this region, continue reading and we'll help you choose where to start. See which country in Latin America to go to first and easily assemble a complete itinerary!

Is it worth investing in a trip to Latin America?

Machu Picchu
But, is it worth traveling there? Source: AdobeStock.

In total, there are 20 countries that are part of Latin America. That is, there are numerous options of destinations for you to know. In addition to such diversity, traveling here can be the best idea for those who want to save money.

After all, because they are closer international destinations, the tendency is to pay less on airline tickets. Therefore, if you want to take a trip and don't know where to go first, it's worth investing in a Latin American country.

As we already mentioned, the region offers breathtaking natural riches, as well as diverse gastronomy and cultures for you to discover. In addition, some other reasons that make a trip there worthwhile include:

  • Easier communication
  • You don't need a visa or passport in Mercosur
  • Low cost of tickets and attractions
  • Less bureaucracy

Which country to go first in Latin America? See 6 options!

Salar de Uyuni
So, how about visiting the Salar de Uyuni? Source: AdobeStock.

Although it is a region that facilitates travel for Brazilians, it is essential to plan your trip to Latin America. But, with so many options of diverse destinations, how do you choose where to start? Check it out below!


It may seem obvious, but many people ignore our country as one of the best options to go traveling first in Latin America. After all, Brazil is a country rich in nature, culture and, of course, good food!

In addition, here you will find tours for those who like the beach, mountains, the big city and many different attractions. So, before investing in an international trip, look carefully at Brazilian destinations.


Another country option to visit first in Latin America, Argentina offers options for romantic itineraries for couples, for those traveling with family and even for those traveling alone. It is worth checking.

By the way, there are several low cost airlines that make cheap flights to Buenos Aires. If you dream of seeing snow and skiing, Bariloche is also an excellent alternative to visit.

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With a long-lined territory, Chile brings together several different landscapes, from beaches and deserts to snowy mountains! If you like to get to know modern cities, you can include the capital Santiago in your itinerary.

Meanwhile, it is worth visiting the Atacama Desert, with geysers and unique landscapes, as well as the charming city of Valparaíso. But keep an eye on the best times to plan a pleasant walk.


Now, if you like history and culture, then the first country you should go to in Latin America is Peru. By the way, the capital Lima holds historical treasures and offers delicious gastronomic tourism.

But, how can we not mention the main destination for those visiting this country, right? We are talking about Machu Picchu and the Lost City of the Incas. The atmosphere is magical and you definitely won't regret it!


Although it is not one of the most popular choices, Bolivia is one of the best destinations for those who want to take a peaceful and even romantic trip. If you are with your love, this could be the first country to go in Latin America.

In this sense, be sure to visit Colonia del Sacramento with its cobbled streets, historic center and museums that make it a very charming city. The attractions are cheap and not as crowded as the other options on the list.


Do you like paradisiacal places? Then you need to start your trip in Latin America by visiting Colombia. Although not often chosen by Brazilians, the capital Cartagena can please all traveler profiles.

With a photogenic and very colorful architecture, the city enchants everyone and is one of the favorite destinations for tourists. In addition, the beaches in Colombia are breathtaking, also known as the Colombian Caribbean.

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