Gol's anniversary: see how to buy promotional tickets

Traveling is good, but traveling for little money is even better! See how Gol's anniversary promotions work and how to guarantee national and international destinations at low prices.


Offers for national and international flights

Avião da Gol acima de nuvens.
After all, how can you guarantee Gol’s birthday offers? – Source: Adobe Stock.

Did you know that Gol's anniversary can guarantee you the opportunity to buy airline tickets at reduced prices?

This annual event usually offers low prices for both national and international flights! 



Gol Linhas Aéreas

tickets offers

Visit the official Gol website and check out the current offers!

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Discounts may vary depending on the destination and time of year, but, in general, they are significant. 

So, if you like to travel for less, read on and see how you can guarantee the best discounts at Gol's anniversary celebration!

Does Gol offer promotional tickets on your birthday?

Logo da Gol em celular, representando ofertas de aniversário da Gol.
See how the offers work! – Source: Adobe Stock.

In Brazil, Gol celebrates its anniversary with the so-called Feirão da Gol. 

The objective of the event is to offer consumers the opportunity to purchase airline tickets at more affordable prices, as well as other exclusive promotions and discounts.

Furthermore, Gol's anniversary is an opportunity for consumers to discover new destinations and plan their trips in advance. 

With more affordable prices and a wide variety of travel options, the event has become a reference for those looking for savings and practicality when traveling.

What is Gol's birthday?

Gol was founded in early 2001, revolutionizing the national airline market, offering quality services at affordable prices.

The airline celebrates its anniversary on January 15th, and annually offers promotional tickets to its consumers.

Therefore, a tip is to follow the news released by Gol at least two weeks before your birthday, so as not to miss the promotions.

In the year 2024, the company launched offers from the 12th to the 15th of January, its anniversary date. 

What destinations are Gol's anniversary promotional tickets for? 

The destinations offered at low prices by Gol vary each year, and also depending on your region.

However, we can guarantee that the prices are worth it for round-trip flights!

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that Gol's birthday promotional tickets cover national and international flights.

Who knows, maybe you can get that dream destination off the ground, for a price that fits your budget?

How to find promotional tickets on Gol's anniversary?

To find promotional tickets on Gol's anniversary, you must access the airline's official website and app, during the week of your anniversary celebration.

Furthermore, some offers can even be found on travel agency websites and Voe Gol stores.

However, if you prefer the convenience of a phone call, you can also contact the customer relationship center, depending on the number provided for the country in which you reside.

Keep in mind that promotions typically do not apply to purchases made directly at airport stores! 

Finally, we already know that Gol is known for its affordable flight prices. To reinforce its reputation, Gol normally allows payments to be made in installments via credit card, thus making the cost even lighter for its consumers.



Gol Linhas Aéreas

promotions low prices

Discover the destination of your dreams while paying less with Gol!

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Logo da Latam em celular.
Also take advantage of Latam promotional tickets – Source: Adobe Stock.

There are never too many offers, right? So, if you found the idea of getting significant discounts on flights on Gol's birthday attractive, we have more good news to cheer you up!

Latam also usually offers promotional flights to celebrate its anniversary! Therefore, you will be able to enjoy good prices at two times of the year: in January, on Gol's birthday, and later on Latam's birthday!

Do you want to know the date of Latam's anniversary celebration and how to guarantee the airline's offers?

So, keep reading the next content. Click on “access article” to be directed.

Latam's anniversary: is it possible to get tickets on offer?

What could be better than traveling for prices that fit your budget? Latam's anniversary is one of those opportunities that can guarantee great offers. Read on and see how to get them!

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