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ITA Airways – Travel to destinations from €49

Explore enchanting destinations with ITA Airways, and discover how to travel around Italy and the world with tickets from €49.


ITA Airways: Discover destinations at incredible prices from €49

Discover the world from Italy with ITA Airways – Source: Adobe Stock.

In the vast array of airline options, ITA Airways stands out as a bridge between Italy and the rest of the world. If you are looking for flights at affordable prices without compromising on quality, you may have found the ideal solution.

Carrying with it the legacy and passion of the Italians, the company stands out for its commitment to offering flights at competitive prices without sacrificing service excellence. If you have dreamed of exploring the most charming corners of Italy or want to fly to international destinations with the guarantee of an unforgettable experience, ITA Airways could be your best choice.

Are you planning your next adventure? Let's discover together what this remarkable company has to offer.

ITA Airways: the airline that connects Italy to the world

Emerging with new energy and purpose, ITA Airways is the renewed face of Italian aviation. Operating in several destinations within Italy and around the globe, the company guarantees a memorable travel experience, combining comfort and efficiency.

What are the low price destinations on ITA Airways?

When exploring the offers on the official website, you can find flights to cities like Rome, Milan and even international destinations, like Paris and New York, with surprisingly attractive prices. Fares start from €49, making travel not only a luxurious experience but also an affordable one.

How to get cheap ITA Airways flights?

Check out now how to get your dream flights on ITA Airways, it’s really worth it!

  1. First, keep an eye on promotions: ITA frequently launches seasonal promotions.
  2. Then book in advance: the sooner you secure your ticket, the greater the chances of getting a good price.
  3. Also, be flexible with dates: Traveling on less popular days can result in savings.
  4. Finally, sign up for alerts: let ITA notify you when good offers appear for your desired destinations.

Secure your air ticket from €49

Foto uma jovem desfrutando de sua viagem
Discover new and interesting destinations — Source: Freepik.

So, don't waste any more time and guarantee your ticket at the best price! Additionally, when visiting the official ITA Airways website, browse the “Offers” section to explore destinations and promotional fares.

Therefore, the purchase process is simple: choose the destination, select the dates and book your flight in a few clicks.



ITA Airways


Adventure through the Italian skies and explore the world with ITA Airways!

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So, if you're wondering about ITA Airways' service quality, check out this related content and find out what travelers are saying about their experiences with the company.

Is ITA Airways reliable?

Enjoy the quality of this airline and especially its reliability!

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